Attorney Fees

Fees for Litigation Cases(RMB)
Amount of claim or claimedFee rate
≤ 100,00010%-12%
100,000 - 1,000,0006%-8%
1,000,000 - 10,000,0004%-6%
10,000,000 - 100,000,0002%-4%
≥ 100,000,0001%-2%

1. The minimum charge within Shanghai is ¥10,000 per case, and outside of Shanghai is ¥15,000.
2. The above litigation fees indicate flat fees and require a lump-sum payment upon signing the contract.
3. Fees for appellate trial shall be a half of the first instance.
4. The above fees do not include the travel expenses out of Shanghai.
5. The client can opt for a contingent fee arrangement (usually 10%-30% of the recovered amount). The final agreement can be negotiated between the client and the lawyers in charge.
6. For some complex and high-stakes cases, the attorney fees can range up to fivefold than that of a regular case.

Fees for Non-litigation Practice (RMB/¥)
Hourly RatePartners4000-5000
Legal Assistants400-1000
Legal Opinion10000 and up
Letter of Attorney1000-10000
Lawyer Witness3000-20000
Drafting Contracts5000 and up
Contract Modification1000-10000
Due Diligence20000 and up
Business Startup, Transfer of Equity, and etc.10000 and up
Bankruptcy Liquidation and Business Closure30000 and up
Othersto be negotiated

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